Screen-Shot-2019-02-14-at-7.39.04-AMCorrectional officers kill inmate & Hide’s His body New York State Greene FacilityAnthony Myrie Mysteriously Dies at Greene Correctional Facility & his Body is Missing

Anthony Myrie, 24, mysteriously passed away during his time at NYS Greene Correctional Facility.

His brother and wife made the announcement on Instagram desperately seeking answers from the detention center because they called Anthony’s family to say that he passed away but the location of his body is unknown.

In the lengthy announcement, it stated that Anthony was on the phone with his wife when he was taken to the box by correctional officers. His wife called the facility to find out why her husband was being placed in the box but didn’t get any answers. After about an hour, she received a call saying he was in critical condition, and then an hour after that, she was notified that he passed by another inmate’s family.

“They Then Told Her That They Had Sent His Body To Albany Medical Center …. She Called Them … THEY HAVE NO RECORDS Of Him Ever Being Admitted …. SO WHERE IS HIS BODY??!!” Anthony’s brother wrote in the IG post.

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This Our Brother Anthony Myrie …. We All Knew Him As “Trey” I Want This Story To Be Given All The Light Possible On Any Major Platform! Trey Was Currently Being Held @ #GreenCorrectionalFacility Din #18r2528 & On Feb 11th 2019 @ approximately 11:16Am Trey Was OTP With His Wife As He Normally Would … During This Phone Call He Seemed Stressed Like He Didn’t Wanna Get Off The Phone …. Short Time After The Correctional Officers Came To Take Trey To Wat Is Known As The Box ….Around 2pm She Received A Message From a Family Member of Another Inmate Saying That Trey Was Taken To The Box …. A Short Time After His Wife @mz_butta_ Called The Prison To See Why He Was Placed In The Box … They Told Her That He Wasn’t In The Box That He Was In Population…. @ Exactly 4:27 She Received A Call From The Jail Saying That Trey Was In “Critical Condition “ & Then @ 5:19pm They Called Her Back Saying That “ HE DIDNT MAKE IT!” They Then Told Her That They Had Sent His Body To Albany Medical Center …. She Called Them … THEY HAVE NO RECORDS Of Him Ever Being Admitted …. SO WHERE IS HIS BODY??!! The Jail Is Tryna Buy Time To Cover This Up! She Then Received Other Messages From family Members Of Other Inmates Saying That They Believe Trey Was Seriously Hurt By The C.O’s …. This Story Needs major ATTENTION! It Has Been Two Days & They Still Won’t Tell Nobody Where Our Brother’s Body Is!! These Stories Happen All The Time & Will Continue To Happen If We Dnt Do Something Now! this Could Be Ur Husband, Bf , Brother , Or Family Member Everyone Tag @theshaderoom @mysonnenygeneral @mysonnenygeneral @meekmill @meekmill @casanova_2x @casanova_2x ‼️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ Also Tag His Wife @mz_butta_ @mz_butta_

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